Battenwear Clothing

When Outsiders Store was in its inception, Battenwear was a brand bandied about as best embodying the type of store and space we wanted to create.

A stylish unique brand that had an outdoor aesthetic; making functional and comfortable clothing, Battenwear is truly capable of the transition from city to outdoors. Shinya Hasegawa founded Battenwear in 2011 having worked on the Woolrich Woolen Mills collection for a number of years. Shinya wanted to create a brand that best fitted with his lifestyle as a year-round east coast surfer who travelled often and for which he needed adaptable, utilitarian gear.

Inspired by the outdoor and surf clothing from the late 1960s through to the early 1980s, Battenwear's sensibility was born; pops of colour, packable lightweight materials and handy stash pockets for the modern outsider. Producing all of their clothing and accessories in the USA, and mostly within a three-mile radius of their office and store, allowing regular access to their production factories and therein the best possible product.

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