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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
8 June 2020

Outsiders was established with the notion that the outdoors and outdoor pursuits needn’t be elitist, and that by simply encouraging people to interact with the outdoors in any form however small is positive on both a personal and social level.

We wholeheartedly support the Black Lives Matter movement and the demand for equality and justice, and are already witnessing vital and unprecedented changes at all levels of society, but it is only the start for sure. As an outdoor company we must acknowledge the fact that access to, and acceptance in our national outdoor spaces is not equal. We believe as a business we are in a position to promote positive change within our industry, and must work to support a more inclusive environment for Black and Ethnic Minorities.

We have been slow to put out this message on a social revolution that has been spreading with such urgency across the globe, but have spent the time educating ourselves about these issues and looking to those out there calling for and making positive changes in our industry already. As a small first step in our work on this, we would like to share some of what we have found educational and inspirational during this time as a resource for our community. It is imperative for White people to begin to better understand how the world, and the outdoors specifically, can feel for those without all their privileges if the status quo is to be changed. These resources also acts as an opportunity for us to amplify the diversity of voices already engaged in our industry, but under-represented by the media.
We will continue to educate ourselves, and work towards bettering how we can be allies within as well as beyond our industry. But we would welcome engagement from our community too, and would love to use our platform to promote Black voices in the outdoors, as well as the voices of all other minorities that don’t get the audience they deserve.

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The UKC and UKH join with millions across the globe who seek to listen, learn and stand with people of colour in the fight against racism. Here.

Melanin Base camp is a US based group with a mission to increase the visibility of outdoorsy black, indigenous, people of color, to increase representation in the media, advertising and in the stories about the Outdoors. Here.

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