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Spotlight: Bunker Research

Spotlight: Bunker Research
4 August 2019

Max Leonard, the name might be familiar? As the main man at Isola Press he was one half of the team that brought the brilliant Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive to fruition.

If you’re as into that as we were, then you may be interested to know that Max has decided to re-release the long since sold out Bunker Research. An exquisitely printed, obsessively compiled book about the Alpine Extension of the Maginot Line, a pre-Second World War set of defences that now lie crumbling in isolated alpine locations.
“Recorded in stunning pictures and prose, Bunker Research is for adventurers, architects, historians, mountain lovers and urban explorers”. Sounds right up our trail.

If you like what you've seen here you can pre-order your copy of Bunker Research at https://bunkerresearch.com/

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