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Helinox – Take the weight off

Helinox – Take the weight off
15 August 2019

Lightweight alloy tubing, sturdy nylon, and the unyielding tautness that brings it all together, there doesn’t seem to be much that goes into the fabric of a Helinox chair. That is, until you take a seat to read this deconstruction of their exemplary camp chair.

The story starts with DAC, a South Korean company and precision manufacturer of aluminium tubing – with a global reputation gained from years of producing tent poles for the very best tent manufacturers. In 2009 DAC founded Helinox, first creating superior trekking poles, before taking on furniture with the introduction of the Chair One in 2012.

Originally developed for lightweight expedition tents, their advanced alloy composition, DAC TH72M used for the Chair One, can withstand up to 145kg, which incidentally is more than the weight of an elephant calf, to give an irreverent point of reference. They then employ a process known as the ‘Green Anodising’ process, ensuring aesthetic longevity and a reduced environmental impact, it’s an electrochemical process which gives the tubing its unique colours and means it will never chip or peel.

The Helinox Chair One seat fabric is created with high strength Nylon 66 and 600-weave polyester. Taut for comfort and durability, it prevents sinking and loosening and when combined with their double reinforced panels and stitching, it can confidently withstand regular use over years of use.

The Chair One most importantly packs into a bag just 35cm in length and 12cm deep whilst weighing in at under a kilogram. Meaning it’ll take up minimal space when not in use, last for years and also clarifies why it’s a deserved winner of several ISPO, OutDoor Industry and Red Dot Design Awards.

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