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Parys Mountain - AW19

Parys Mountain - AW19
8 November 2019

Parys Mountain is an alien landscape, located on the north Wales coast in Anglesey.

It was once the site of a humongous open cast copper mine, which briefly in the late 18th century became the largest mine in Europe. At the time copper was extensively used on naval ships to sheath and protect the hulls, allowing those hulking vessels to be speedier through the seas too. 
The story goes that the man who discovered the copper ore on the site of Parys Mountain, a certain Rowland Pugh, received as his reward a bottle of whisky and a rent-free cottage for life. One can’t help but think he was fairly hard done by, by modern standards anyway, given that a select few would grow incredibly wealthy from the find. Copper had in fact been discovered on the site some 4000 years ago by its then Bronze Age inhabitants and there’s evidence that the Romans probably utilised it as well.
It’s lunar-like terrain in shades of auburn, emerald and purple make for some sort of intergalactic archaeological ruin, which acts as the backdrop for our AW19 photoshoot, enhancing the rich colours served up by Montbell, Nanga and Patagonia. Shop the latest collection here.

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