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The Titanium Story

The Titanium Story
10 August 2019

22, that’s the atomic number of Titanium, chemical symbol Ti and now masterfully conjured into the world’s greatest, strongest and lightest camping equipment.

Believe it or not, Titanium was actually discovered in our own fair land in 1791 by a man named William Gregor in Cornwall. I doubt at the time William had highly portable camping equipment or hyper-light bikes in mind, but who knows? Four years later a man named Martin Heinrich Klaproth would name this newly found element Titanium after the Titans of Greek mythology.

Fast forward to more recent times and Snow Peak, working closely with their highly skilled partner factory in Tsubame Sanjo (notable for being Japan’s hardware capital), begin using this renowned and prized metal to craft featherweight camping equipment. Their superior camp cups have altered very little since those first examples. 

A complex element, Titanium requires a highly skilled workforce able to understand its nuances and make miniscule adjustments as it is pressed into a workable sheet, which will later be formed. Extremely strong, it has a remarkable strength-to-density ratio, total corrosion resistance and won’t leave an unpleasant metallic aftertaste.

In founding Snow Peak, Yukio Yamai was striving to introduce the absolute pinnacle of equipment to the marketplace. He believed that things can and always should be improved upon. This spirit and determination remain at the centre of all that Snow Peak create.

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