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Yogi - Who, What, When and Wear?

Yogi - Who, What, When and Wear?
4 September 2019

Designed in London; made in Portugal. Environmentally friendly; natural crepe; negative heeled moccasins.

Yogi was a thing in the 90s but fell out of favour and disappeared from the shelves and feet of British streets. Reinvigorated in recent years and back with a vengeance Yogi takes inspiration from the Earth and Roots shoes of the 1970s, their negative heel was first designed by Anna Kalsø for her brand Earth Shoes, mimicking the movement of feet when walking through sand - which enforces optimal posture. Wahey! If they’re a bit out there for you, then the positive heeled selection in natural crepe should be just the ticket.

• Kalsø of Copenhagen advert  - The Last Whole Earth Catalog - 1971

Their small-scale production makes for sustainable batches of expertly made shoes. Employing locally sourced materials, such as the leather uppers and crepe soles as well as hand-stitching all products at a third-generation family owned factory, makes for a sustainable production process. Yogi’s unlined moccasin construction steers clear of harmful solvent based glues and material wastage as well.

Sturdy leather laces, earthy colour palettes and an adaptable suede leather upper make for simple brilliance and longevity. So, in summation, Yogi are back for another day but more than likely hanging around, handmade in Portugal with an ethos of clean lines and premium materials that last and cause minimal environmental impact, with plenty of unconventional design cues to boot.


A posture improving wonder shoe you say? Here it is. Yogi’s Willard employs the Negative Heel and wide toe box, first created by Anna Kalsø in the 1970s for her brand Earth Shoes. Designed to imitate walking bare foot in sand, it’s an orthopaedic comfort shoe; highly unconventional and distinctive in its design cues. Produced in a mid-brown tumbled leather sat upon a branded Yogi gum outsole.

Glenn Suede Boot

The Glenn Suede Boot is something like a revitalised desert boot. Served up in a sharp grey suede with a black crepe outsole, the Glenn has a wide toe box to allow the foot to spread naturally. Its durable unlined suede upper moulds to your foot, with a three-eyelet lace securing it all in place.7

Caden Centre Seam

A wide toe box with a stitched seam gives the Caden its distinctive look. Designed to let the foot spread naturally and give plenty of room for your toes, the Caden is produced in a plush olive suede which is then stitched to a natural crepe outsole. A comfort shoe made with traditional values and workmanship for our modern times.

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