Coal Headwear

Coal started life in Portland, Oregon, as a group of friends who wanted to start a company that reflected their shared vision that headwear should be more than just an afterthought.

Unsurprisingly as a result, Coal make some very nice hats and caps from high quality materials which will keep you warm and looking good whether you’re out on the street, in the hills or at the Coal face…ba dum tsssh.

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9 Results

  1. Coal The Uniform
    FROM: £16.45 £23.50
  2. Coal The Yukon Brim
    FROM: £27.29 £38.99
  3. Coal The Rambler
    FROM: £16.45 £23.50
  4. Coal The Wilds
    FROM: £19.25 £27.50
  5. Coal The Junior
    FROM: £16.45 £23.50
  6. Coal The Will
    FROM: £23.09 £32.99
  7. Coal The Wilderness
    FROM: £23.09 £32.99
  8. Coal The Spackler Cap
    FROM: £23.09 £32.99
  9. Coal The Harbour
    FROM: £15.39 £21.99