Filson Clothing & Luggage

You might have heard of us harping on about the Pacific North West, you might have even been lucky enough to read our Original North West 'zine.

None of this would be possible without Filson. They are intertwined wholly with the history and development of the Pacific North West, starting life as a small logger outfitting store, Filson developed through the boom times of the gold rush developing a reputation for comfort, protection and durability.

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  1. Filson Grab n Go Tote Large
  2. Filson Men's Alaskan Guide Shirt
    FROM: £95.99 £119.99
  3. Filson Duffle Medium
  4. Filson Mackinaw Cap
    FROM: £45.00 £75.00
  5. Filson Men's Outfitter Solid One Pocket T Shirt
  6. Filson Men's Mackinaw Wool Vest
    FROM: £116.00 £145.00
  7. Filson Original Briefcase
  8. Filson Tote Bag with Zipper
  9. Filson Men's Tin Cruiser Jacket
    FROM: £271.99 £339.99

9 Results