Karhu Footwear

The Finnish bear brand Karhu (Karhu means bear in Finnish) has been making athletic footwear for more than a century. Back then the Karhu Javelin and Spikes were worn by Finnish athletes at the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games where they took home a combined eight gold medals.

Fast forward to 1951 and they would sell their trademark three stripes to a little-known German outfit called adidas for the equivalent of 1600 euros, supposedly a couple of bottles of whisky were also thrown into the bargain.

Following some tough trading years, Karhu struck upon gold in the 1980s with the development of Fulcrum technology which is still present in the Karhu collection to this day.

Given that Karhu once produced an outdoor footwear collection, they now take inspiration from their natural surroundings and apply it to the Legend collection; a number of retro styles which have a nice synthesis for us at Outsiders Store, there are D-ring eyelets, round rope style laces and outdoor tones and colours aplenty.

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