Novesta Footwear

In the 1930’s the first Bata shoe factory opened in Slovakia, fast forward to 1992 and under a new alias, Novesta continued the Bata legacy. Utilising a method of production that doesn’t require the use of chemicals or toxic glues, in which each pair is hand moulded; joining the natural rubber sole and cotton canvas upper using high-pressure hand worked machinery. This process leaves a signature mark on each pair of Novesta’s; a line running around the body of the shoe. This mark has become as recognisable as the company’s logo and serves as indicative of the time and care that goes in to these pumps.

Using a traditional process also means they are an environmentally sound footwear, and in addition they only use natural rubber and 100% cotton canvas in their production. Perfect for slinging on for a casual stroll, just like the hiker represented on their sole units.

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