That classic world renowned sage green is indicative of the quality and innovation involved in the original and still the best steel vacuum flask.

First created in 1913, Stanley flasks have been keeping one's coffee and soup warm for well over a century now. They have long since developed all manner of storage solutions for your food and beverages whilst on the move, even making the Happy Hour Cocktail System for those that simply can't be without cocktail making facilities regardless of their location.

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  1. Stanley Classic Vacuum Stein - 709ml
  2. Stanley Adventure Gift Set
  3. Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask - 236ml
  4. Stanley Happy Hour Cocktail System
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  6. Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle 1L
  7. Stanley Adventure Shot Glass Set
  8. Stanley Adventure Stacking Vacuum Pint - 473ml
  9. Stanley Happy Hour Cocktail System