'Heritage' is an overused and abused term in fashion parlance, but it most certainly pertains to Vuarnet, a brand steeped in knowledge and tradition, to whom innovation is a byword. In 1957 an optician by the name of Roger Pouilloux developed the Skilynx lens, a bright lens which allowed skiers to make out the lay of the land in white out conditions. In 1960 Jean Vuarnet won gold at the Squaw Valley Olympic Games wearing the 002 Skilynx lens and shortly after Pouilloux and Vuarnet joined forces and the Vuarnet brand came into being.

To this day Vuarnet make their mineral glass lenses in France to extremely exacting standards, providing the very best clarity and optical precision. To emphasise, each lens goes through a seventeen-step process over a week before it's ready. The Glacier their most premium model is a supremely engineered mountaineering sunglass designed to function in extreme conditions, which was also rocked by the enfant terrible of Jazz, Miles Davis. They most notably crossed over from their ski and mountain roots in the 80s and 90s; Tom Selleck wore them as 80s don Magnum PI and later Jeff Bridges wore the Legend 03 style as one of cinemas greatest layabouts "The Dude" in The Big Lebowski.

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