Klättermusen Clothing

Climbing Mouse sounds very twee, doesn’t it? But luckily for us, Climbing Mouse in Swedish translates to Klättermusen and these lot know how to make a truly exceptional bit of kit to match the name.

Aiming to create a brand that was serious about itself, but did not take itself seriously (hence the rodent themed moniker) Klättermusen apply lessons learnt from nature to the design and construction of their garments. Form follows function to create the best you can get in terms of high performing and stylish outdoors gear.

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  1. Klattermusen Men's Rimfaxe Cap
  2. Klattermusen Men's Falen Hoodie
  3. Klattermusen Men's Balder Zip
  4. Klattermusen Men's Atle 2.0 Jacket
  5. Klattermusen Men's Fjorgyn Anorak
  6. Klattermusen Men's Allgron Jacket
  7. Klattermusen Men's Barre Ribbed Cap
  8. Klattermusen Liv 2.0 Sweater

8 Results