WindBurner Sauce Pot

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Expand your campsite cooking options with the WindBurner Sauce Pot. A 2.5-litre aluminium saucepan with a Fusion Ceramic non-stick coating; it's the perfect size for crafting group meals. The lid has drainage holes and locking latches to aid when straining rice or pasta. Underneath, the enclosed heat-capturing ring improves cooking efficiency. Durable and versatile: the pot is compatible with MSR's WindBurner remote-canister stove, found in the Duo, Group and Combo Systems.


  • 5 litre aluminium saucepan
  • Durable Fusion Ceramic non-stick coating is PTFE- PFOA-free
  • Non-stick surface is easy to clean
  • Enclosed heat-capturing ring on base
  • Pot fits WindBurner stoves’ deep lip for increased stability
  • Removable folding Talon handle
  • Strainer lid with locking latch
  • Compatible only with MSR WindBurner remote-canister stove found in Duo, Group and Combo Systems (not the WindBurner Personal top-mounted stove)

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