Snow Peak

Niigata prefecture is the home of Fuji Rock Festival, hands down one of the finest in the world.

There must be something in the water as Niigata is also home to Snow Peak, hands down one of the world’s finest and most innovative outdoors brands.

The brainchild of Yukio Yumai, an accomplished mountaineer, their original line of superior mountaineering gear has given birth to today's range of lifestyle accessories, enabling people around the globe to enjoy the outdoors and find harmony with nature... and look good doing it.

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  1. Snow Peak Men's Rain Jacket
    FROM: £419.99 £699.99
  2. Snow Peak Titanium Spork GR
  3. Snow Peak Titanium Spork
  4. Snow Peak Titanium Single Cup
  5. Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern
  6. Snow Peak Folding Coffee Drip
  7. Snow Peak Men's Flexible Insulated Cardigan
  8. Snow Peak Men's Flexible Insulated Shirt
  9. Snow Peak Umbrella

9 Results