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Blundstone: Then Until Now

Blundstone: Then Until Now
8 August 2019

Blundstone was selected by us for its unrelenting durability and comfort. So, we thought it only right to share their story. 

Blundstone’s story begins with a few English travelling to Australia, not dissimilar to some terrible stag do you’ve been subjected to via Don’t Tell the Bride. Although, it did take almost 3 months at sea before they arrived—given it was 1853. 

James and Thomas Cuthbertson, English brothers seeking a new life in Melbourne, love footwear and the feel of the ocean breeze running through ye fair hair.  Fortunately—due to some conniving roaring forties—the boys landed in Hobart, Tasmania, and it’s here that everything started to kick off. 

Equipped with an English knowledge of shoemaking, James decided to settle in Tasmania with his new business and wife, respectively. His business, Cuthbertsons, soon monopolised the footwear market of Tasmania, and was expanding still.

Derbyshire born couple John and Eliza Blundstone arrive in town. John Blundstone—East Midlander, bootmaker extraordinaire, symbol of all things better and new—was quick to open his new business, established in 1902. A boot wielding war begins, and it ends up being quite pretty.

blundstone factory

Famed as the original Chelsea boot, these pull on boots were successfully defying all previously known precepts of footwear in the temperate isle of Tasmania, to the glee of John. 

1932, now. The Great Depression hits (the historical one, that is, rather than the one that suffocates you when you realise another influencer has destroyed nature in the quest for clout—thank you, @publiclandshateyou) and Blundstone falls victim to business’ answer to the black plague. Luckily, waiting in the wings were Cuthbertson’s grandchildren, James and Thomas, who bought and saved Blundstone’s legacy. Cheers, you two.

blundstone factory

Things took a turn for the better. In fact, in 1979, Blundstone received the Design award from the Industrial Design Council of Arts. Shortly after, the Australian Export Award too. Unsatisfied still, Blundstone began manufacturing waterproof injection moulded footwear, solidifying their soles and their name in habitats across Australia and beyond. In 2017, they were described as having a longstanding durability that attracts “motorcyclists as well as pipe-fitters, carpenters and bass guitarists." They’ve ceased to halt developing their manufacturing standards since, and it’s due to this that their classics range caught our eye. 

Blundstone 550:


This one here, is constructed from a brown premium leather, has a leather lining, a cushioned midsole and Blundstone’s signature SPS Max Comfort system for shock absorption. Akin to a party, each one comes with a baggy—filled with a pair of extra footbeds. The original footbed is also completely removable, although it’s unlikely you’d want to, as it’s a specially designed comfort footbed with XRD® Technology for comfort and impact absorption. Not bad, that. 

Blundstone 585: 

blundstone 585

Boasting all the same features as the minimally maximal 550, the 585 adorns a rustic brown leather upper, for the much-craved patina look—like some sort of archaic cathedral of footwear, but without 150 years of use behind them. Otherwise we wouldn’t sell them. They’d be far too old. 

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