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Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive Slideshow, Exhibition + Q&A

Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive Slideshow, Exhibition + Q&A
6 June 2019

Back in January, we gave props to Rough Stuff Fellowship with a full rundown of the club's history. Check it out here.

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship was established in a pub near the Welsh/English border in 1955, making it the oldest off-road cycling club in the world. The club welcomed men and women, young and old, and their adventures across the UK and the world were documented by many talented photographers.

The photos are full of the joy of riding your bike, and evocative of a bygone style – of a time when you might set off on a club ride wearing a shirt and tie, a deerstalker or a bobble hat, and no ride was complete without a stop to brew up some tea and smoke a pipe.

 Rough Stuff book

Tuesday 18 June 2019 | 19:30 - 21:30 | Outsiders Store, Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4DQ

To celebrate the launch of the new RSF Archive book, Our London store is having a mini exhibition of prints and items, with a projection of actual, analogue slides from this storied archive - all original, no digital here. Max, publisher at Isola Press and Mark, the RSF Archivist will be talking us through the slideshow and there’ll be a bit of time for a little Q&A.

The new RSF Archive book will be available to purchase along with other merchandise and we’re going to lay on some drinks and nibbles.

This will be one of the first times this incredible archive will be available to view in person and capacity is very limited. Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Rough Stuff Fellowship and all book purchases will receive an exclusive iron-on patch, while stocks last.

 Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive mountain pass

 Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive To Comrie

 Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive Carrying Tandem Bike

All images are © Rough-Stuff Fellowship and are used by permission. 

Visit www.rsf.org.uk for more information.