2000 Series Fingerboard

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Product details

The iconic hangboard, for the home training of the advanced climber. The varied holds allow pinpointing and targeting of your weaknesses, comfortably and with efficiency. Test your strength on the tiny finger holds and nasty slopers. The fine grain wood is chosen for its kindness to skin whilst still holding grippy properties that are far superior to resin.

Beginners should look to the 1000 version for ease of use and quicker progression.

Dimensions: 58 x 16 x 6cm

Installation screws included.


  • 45 degree slopers
  • 35 degree slopers
  • 20 degree slopers
  • Medium 3 finger socket
  • Smaller 3 finger socket
  • Mouth jug
  • Big, little and incut rungs
  • Back 2 pockets
  • Big, little and sloping 2 finger pockets
  • Sloping and 1 pad monos

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