LowDown Remote Stove Adapter

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Use the LowDown Remote Stove Adapter to improve the versatility of your canister stove or stove system. The design allows you to pair small stoves like the PocketRocket with larger pots and saucepans. Or you can use it to lower a tall stove, so there's less chance of things tipping over. The foldout legs create a stable base to aid when cooking on uneven ground. The remote valve and fuel line move flame control away from the stove and pot for safer and easier adjustment. Simple and easy to use, the folding legs and flexible fuel line ensure a small pack size.


  • Stainless steel stove adapter
  • Creates a low, wide, and sturdy base for improved stability on uneven ground
  • Off-stove flame control keeps hands away from burner and hot cookware
  • Use large pots on a small stove for easier group or gourmet cooking
  • Folding legs and flexible fuel line pack small for compact storage
  • Compatible with all MSR canister-fuel stoves and stove systems except MSR SuperFly stove

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