WindBurner 1.0L - Red

SKU: 272060900


Product details

This windproof stove gives all-season performance perfect for minimalist cooking and tea brewing alike. Combining MSR Reactor technology with an enclosed design it is highly fuel efficient and can be operated in cold and windy conditions.


  • Ultra-efficient radiant burner
  • Pressure regulator ensures consistent performance
  • Secure stove connection
  • 1 litre hard-anodised aluminium pot with heat exchanger
  • Lid with drinking and straining holes
  • Integrated 455ml (16oz) cup
  • Insulated cosy with handle
  • Folding canister stand
  • PackTowl insert
  • Burn time per MSR IsoPro 227g gas canister: 95 minutes
  • Boil time per 1 litre of water: 4:24
  • Water boiled per MSR IsoPro 227g gas canister: 18 litres
  • Weight: 433g (stove only)

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